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We’ve got a real treat for you today… an exclusive listen at the latest remix from Scottish disco-fiend, Go Go Bizkitt! This time, he’s taken the reins of Austin-based producer, Off Da Clock’s latest a-side, ‘Jus 2 Hot’, which is forthcoming on his debut, ‘Rooftop Swank EP’ for Xephyron Digital.

Off Da Clock’s music is all about sharing good vibes with the world, one party at a time, and our man Go Go brilliantly showcases that philosophy with his swagger-laden remix. From the kickin’ horn samples, to the chunky beats and guitar riffs, ‘Jus 2 Hot’ is pure disco dynamite!

Due to timeline restrictions, this remix won’t be included on the official EP release. Lucky for you, Go Go and Off Da Clock saw it fit to bless the world with a FREE DOWNLOAD, ahhhh yea! Be sure to follow all the lads to their linked profiles and stay up on more information about the download!

Off Da Clock’s debut EP, ‘Rooftop Swank’ drops this Friday, September 5th, on Xephyron Digital.


London based, Bright Light Bright Light is making waves…. it’s hard not to when Elton John is your number one fan, am I right? While currently on tour with the ‘Rocketman,’ BLBL’s sophomore album is on the way and here, we have the premiere of Alan Braxe’s remix for the lead single, ‘An Open Heart.’

Laying down a bed of perfectly tuned arpeggios and shimmering pads for BLBL’s smooth vocals to float upon, Braxe makes it clear that his recent hiatus hasn’t been spent resting on his laurels.