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Mixin’ It Up: Smalltown DJs

Sep 12 2008

We have been wanting a mix from Smalltown DJs since we started our Mixin’ It Up series and it’s finally happened. Please enjoy!

“What’s up – we’re called Smalltown DJs – and we are Canadians from Canada. We’re really glad that we finally had time to put together a mix for Discobelle, because they do such a great job. We thought that we would be true to the site name and give the mix a disco feel. We are going tour all over the place this fall so come party with us if we are in your town. So, we hope you enjoy the mix, now let’s go:

1) Squeeze Me – Kraak n Smaak

This is from Jalapeno Records – our homies from Wicked Lester put a record out a few years ago on that label. Vinyl Ritchie from Wicked Lester is one of the best djs out there.

2) Transatlantic Creep (Smalltown Blend) – Jellybass vs. Radiohead

I hope to see Radiohead on the In Rainbows tour. They are the best band.

3) Electric Feel (Aeroplane Remix) – MGMT

New York seems to have all the best new bands right now. This is a great mix from Aeroplane.

4) You Belong – Hercules & Love Affair

See above. Also how great is DFA Records? I saw LCD Soundsystem play live last year and they destroyed.

5) I Loved Every Minute of it (Smalltown dance edit) – Gayle Adams

Gayle Adams was a DC disco singer – apparently she did stand-up comedy for a bit as well.

6) Figured Me Out – Jamie Lidell

We played with Jamie Lidell at our club and his live show is totally engaging. He’s like a one man electronic band.

7) You Can’t Hide – David Joseph

Larry Levan did a great mix of this tune as well. The keys are so tough.

8) Eurodans – Todd Terje

This is different than the eurodance sound being pushed by bands like Eiffel 65 and Whigfield. Todd Terje is awesome.

9) Do it at the Disco – Gary’s Gang

We played this in Mexico and the latin rhythms sounded really great. Is he singing falsetto?

10) Did it at the Disco – DJ Sneak

Sneak is a legend. Great DJ. I saw him play at Industry in Toronto in the 90s. I think Daft Punk played on the same night.

11) Back in the Day feat. Mike Dixon – Dirty Sole

Mike Dixon has been pushing the jazz house sound forever – this is a really cool hip-house sounding jam. The raps are fun.

12) Ladies – Sammy Bananas

Max and Sam from Certified Bananas and I went swimming in the river near my old house. They are like us but from America, and smarter.

13) Lovetoy – Plant Life

Plant Life, they are from LA I think. This joint is so rough. The horns kill me.

14) Get Up (Grandtheft Remix) – Afrika Bambaataa

We brought Bam to Calgary in 1999 – it was amazing. He played a bunch of Miami Bass an Bmore shit – so smooth and banging at the same time. He is a huge influence on Smalltown.

15) Prince Ida (Rock it Scientists Mix) – Prince vs. Ida Corr

This is a mash-up. A really good mash-up.

16) Get Down (DJ Ayres mix) – Paul Johnson

Ayres is totally hilarious and a great DJ. The Rub dudes are all top notch in general.

17) Walk the Disnosaur (Paul Devro Mix) – Was Not Was

Was not Was also put out a really good version of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”. This one reminds me of growing up, I loved this tune when i was a kid.

18) Roll it feat. Pase Rock (DJ Class Remix) – XXXChange & Scottie B

This is like an allstar team.

19) African Chant (Pretty Titty Edit) – Scottie B

Scottie B is a big influence on us – and a great dj, and a great guy.

20) Mumba – Danny Marquez, Tuccillo

I dont know anything about this record except that it sounds great.

21) Wouldn’t it be Nice – Smalltown Romeo

We made this tune with Wax Romeo. He is our friend and partner and a very special little guy. Seriously if you dont know Wax Romeo you should make a point of checking his stuff out – he’s super talented.

22) Just Another Groove – Mighty Dub Katz

Fatboy Slim made this I think. Chune is quite evvy. He was is the Housemartins in the 80s – they have a fun pub-rock song called “Happy Hour”.

23) Big Love – Pete Heller

This song is like the happiest feeling in song format.”

Download: Smalltown DJs – Discobelle Mix (zShare)

  • whoaaa

    limit reached already… Daaaamn! zshare please!!

  • Yeahyer

    Smooth as fuck

  • http://www.smalltowndjs.com Smalltown Pete

    Here is the ZShare version:


    Thanks for listening!

  • http://www.smalltowndjs.com Smalltown Pete

    Also big thanks to Lydia Reynolds for the artwork:

  • http://www.djneoteric.com Neoteric

    so hyped for this!!!

  • Andy

    Great mix! Will listen to it tonight again, with some beer…

  • http://ohheavenlydog.blogspot.com/ chevy chaser

    Best mix I´ve heard in a while! How can I get my hands on the remix of “wouldn´t it be nice”? I feel like I need it very badly!

  • http://www.myspace.com/bartligthart Bart

    im loving it!

  • pinto beans

    proving once again, yall have great diversity of sound. takin it from sweet disco to bangoramas. CANADIAN TAKEOVA.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tactickc Ben

    Killin it!

  • hubbz

    nice one fellas, sounding real nice.

  • Degree [ Gold Brix ]


  • A-Mac

    Dude’s!! you really nailed it with this one. Great mix

  • http://mypace.com/tomwrecks Tom Wrecks

    Quality as always.

  • Birrrrrrd


    Mike and Pete in the place to be!

  • hatch


  • Mike Tull

    Sweet Mix!!!

    “You Can’t Hide Your Love” Is The Choon !!!

  • Anonymous

    23) Big Love – Pete Heller

    This song is like the happiest feeling in song format.”

    Without a doubt…

    Overall nice mix guys

  • Drastik

    beauty fella’s!

  • http://www.smalltowndjs.com Smalltown Pete

    Thanks dudes! Really appreciate it. Also – big up to Aeroplane, Paul D, Grandtheft and Pretty Titty for the remixes.

  • sjoe

    love the smalltown dj’s: you guys are amazing.
    great mix as always, i enjoy the funk disco style!

    makes me miss hai karate.


  • bfunk

    link does seem be working download link sends back to download site and back to 20 second download over and over!

    doea anyone have mirror site?

  • http://www.discobelle.net Martin

    Seems like zShare is acting up again…

  • bfunk

    aww well that sucka hahaha

  • Philip Kovacs

    YO GRIMES….fix this biznatch so i can check out what you’re playing.

  • http://www.smalltowndjs.com Smalltown Pete


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  • keasmo

    any chance this could be upped again?? i really wanna hear this one!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/struboskop Techtrix

    That Wouldn’t it be nice track.

    anyone got this? wouldn’t it be nice.

  • Wombat