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Mixin’ It Up: Mia Moretti

Sep 19 2008

We caught up with Miss Moretti in NYC where we got a chance to tag team it with her on the 1’s and 2’s, but now she’s back in LA where she has been a club fixture holding it down alongside pals DJ AM, Steve Aoki and Cut Chemist. We also got her brand new official remix of the Katy Perry track “Hot N Cold” to share. It’s a B-more tasting club banger with some classic old school samples that rocks any dancefloor. Mia, take it away!

“If I had to draw a picture of this mixtape it would be a 1989 white Volkswagon Cabriolet with four sixteen year old girls squeezed in the back, Ken in the driver seat and me riding shotgun. It’s my ode to summer. I’ve never really played a pop set, but since i’ve been out on tour with my girl Katy Perry, I finally had to go there. I made this mix to see how many layers of cheese I could pile on and I think I got it pretty thick. Thick n tasty. Enjoy!”

Mia Moretti Mean Mix Tape (zShare)

BONUS: Hot N Cold (Mia Moretti Remix) (zShare)

And the tracklist:

LMFAO – I Am NOT A Whore

These guys are fucking rad, those dirty sexy hard electro beats with even dirtier nasty ass lyrics, ugh, so good. I liked this beat so much I used it on my Biggie remix. They are actually hip hop guys, they just put a new twist to their act with some mad catchy homemade electro sounds, they like to call it “New 80s” I just call it “UGHHHH!”

Good As Gold For Top Billin – Shake My Ass

Holdin it down in Helsinki!!! Top Billin released a limited edition 12″ EP, Tales From Top Billin, and Shake Your Ass is just one of the 6 jems on it. This particular track was produced by the fine fellow Finnish folks know as Good As Gold. This shit is my weapon of mass destruction.

Trina – Pull Over

I love me some Trina. Pull Over was on her first album that came out in 2000 and it’s the dirty-ass freak-rap strawberry jamz.

The Marvelettes – Mr. Postman (DJ Technics BMore Remix)

Mr. Aoki Jr. has just about killed this one for me, but this is a classic BMore flip by bodymore’s own, and it works perfect so pfffffff, oh well.

Shirelles – My Boyfriend’s Back (DJ Fashen Edit)

I’ve played Banana Split with Fashen twice now and he can hold it down on the 1s and 2s like nobodies biz. All his edits I’ve heard are on point. He doesn’t funk with the OG too much, it’s a solid oldies rework w/ some drums that go bum bum bum.

Nelly Furtado – Maneater

OH no I didn’t. Gaspard told me this was the “Girl Only Mix Tape” and I think it’s because of this cheese pizza I delivered, but I decided it’s been off the charts long enough to start playing it again, even though I’ve never played it before and it is just about as “girls only” as it gets.

Salt and Peppa – Push It

The first ultimate nasty song. The end.

Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80’s

The first official single off Calvin’s record, which is basically an electroclash tribute to a decade of Raybans, Rubics Cubes and sneakers, wooowzers! No wonder it’s a hit. Not quite a “sample” of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) but close enough, the song (like the whole album) is a bouncy infectious ode to the decadent decade when everything was acceptable! Damn Calvy, it still is.. I got hugs!

P.S. Calvin himself was born in 1984, hugs all round, drugs all round!

Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round

1980s one hit wonderful. Nothing more nothing less. If it works for Calvin, it works for me.

CSS – Let’s Make Love (Calvin Harris Remix)

Calvin Harris makes this song bearable again by speeding it up, giving it a thick layer of dirty synth beats and adding those little special Calvy touches, most notably the cowbell.

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (Yuksek remix)

I thought I was sold on the LA Riots remix of this Chromeo fav until I heard this version by Yuksek. Whhhaaat. I was sleepin! Yuksek is comin up on the French electro tip, running a one man show a la our man Calvin and def holding it down with the remixes too. It’s just so smooth and sexy and dare I say.. techno! Peep the Lolipop remix where he gets his funky techno fresh on.

Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frango (Mia Moretti remix)

I love this band, I get a little bit of a Justice vibe from them, but I wanted to take Solta O Frango and just dirty it up a tad. It translates to “Free The Chickens” which made me think it’s the Brazilian version of “Who Let The Dogs Out” with that in mind I just added some reverb, delay, sirens… to me it’s a party jam, backyard style mom’s out of town lets have a kegger rage.. Free the Chickens, Woof Woof!!!! It also could be a political statement, but I’m taking the low road.

Baltimore Club – I Just Wanna Fuck (BMore Edit)

After all those beers there is only one thing to do. FUCK. This track is less of a song and more of a bad ass acappella with a funky conga line drum beat that creeps in and out like a bad ex, “boy you in luck.”

Britney Spears – Gimmie More (DJ Barletta Remix)

If Brit’s original version of this track rated R then DJ Barletta picks it up and puts it behind the curtain in the XXX corner. It’s faster, harder and dirtier. I love me some Britney, this new album has killer electro beats and naughty lyrics, but they are a little slow and thin, problem solved.

Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (Dr. Luke & Benny Blanco Remix)

Im sitting on KP’s tour bus so I can’t hate on the pop hit of the summer.. #1 for 6 weeks… can’t walk into a store, elevator, mall or club without hearing it, but Dr. Luke who produced the summer hit also released a remix he did with Mr. Blanco and it’s a little more our steaz. It’s basically a straight up electro dance remix, the boys sample about every electronic programmed beat you could ask for so just pick the part you want, I call it a DJ salad bar.

Katy Perry vs. Dr. Hollywood – She Kissed My Girl

Dr. Luke may make millions producing hit singles, but there’s a new doc in town. My boys Dr. Hollywood impressed both Katy and me with their super sultry “cover” of I Kissed A Girl. Simon Rex (aka Dirt Nasty) raps on the last verse of the track, but he didn’t get the memo, “I like electro, I like retro, I like ghetto, house and techno,” so he didn’t make the cut.

Kid CuDi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)

Everyone is up on Kid CuDi tip, but it was Crookers who put the newbie rapper on the map in the electro club scene. I gotta give CuDi mad props though on the lil mixtape I just peeped (thanks discobelle); I am feeling that 50 Ways To Make A Record track, the whole thing came just in time for my 90s obsession, it’s giving me Pharcyde meets Cut Chemist. Uh, na nana na.

Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize (Mia Moretti remix)

90’s what!!! I wanted to make this slammin, so I just sped it up and laid a hard beat under the acappella. I love that crazy synth sound I found too, it sounds like robots makin babies. Speaking of babies, my favorite part in the song is the “ménage a trois’ I looped it twice and slowed it way way down on the second one. Those sexy little floppy noises (a la Freaks of the Industry) were actually a mistake, they were the tail end of a beat I chopped in half and forgot to delete, but they worked so perfect for the freak nasty nast vibe I was going for that I just moved em over a little and dropped the other beat.

Green Velvet – Shake & Pop

The electro anthem.

MSTRKRFT – She’s Good For Business

My fav track off their EP, The Looks, this tune wins my heart with that crispy clap under the fun vocal hook. The boys left plenty of room in this tune for us to play, it’s clean enough to even layer the vocals, which usually makes me cringe. This song is like a chameleon, it’s strong enough to be the lead, but it doesn’t have too big of an ego to take the back seat and just meld into another track.

LMFAO – Lil’ Hipster Girl

LMFAO shows a little more of their hip hop side in this track, and it’s a song about me, so what’s not to love.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

At my house it’s Halloween every night.


23 thoughts on “Mixin’ It Up: Mia Moretti

  1. Falcon D

    What an Uninspiring and Unoriginal mix set. Do we REALLY need to hear most of these songs EVER again??? Over half the mixes on here lately ALL HAVE THE SAME SONGS… but come on – Push It, You Spin Me — these were ironic and retro 5 years ago… now you hear them at almost every mash up/ indie party… and Katy Perry, Brittany Spears and Nelly Furtado — DO WE REALLY NEED TOP 40 MUSIC?!?!? *barf*

    I wish these dj’s would start to put sometime in and dig A LOT deeper… and if you want to play cheese – AT LEAST PICK SOME TRACKS EVERY OTHER IRONIC DJ isn’t playing…

    Bring me something NEW and FRESH for once!


    welcome ot the world of “hot” girls who dj….Aoki killed “postman” for you…wow, u must travel in pretty interesting circles if Aoki comes to mind when postman is brought up….

  3. Some Dude

    The picture I’d draw if I had to describe this mix would be a steaming pile of dog shit with dead flies around it. Not to mention her track descriptions read like a 13 year old’s diary. Oh wait – from LA! Nevermind…

  4. Anonymous

    HAAAAATERZ. I saw this lady play live and it was AMAAAAZING! She didn’t play any top 40. If you actually read the whole post, you might have picked up on the that. Don’t be dumb.

  5. James

    HATERS. I saw this lady play live and she held it down all night. She didn’t play any top 40. If you actually read the whole post, you might have picked up on the that. Don’t be dumb.

  6. fiskars

    well, the tracklist is not too original… funny to hear someone sampling “big dancin” though! bounce camp rules the school.

  7. Sebol

    “I am feeling that 50 Ways To Make A Record track, the whole thing came just in time for my 90s obsession, it’s giving me Pharcyde meets Cut Chemist. Uh, na nana na.”

    Yep… but 50 Ways to Make A Record is more Platinum Pied Pipers thing… This is cover of “50 Ways To leave Your Lover” you know, from “Triple P” album but there was Rogiers on vocals. So, that more like post-Dilla shit, than Pharcyde and Cut Chemist.

  8. anonymous

    Can you really call a tune a remix when all you did was put an acapella over someone else’s track? Not to sound too anal about it but I would call that a mash up not a remix. There isn’t any difference in the arrangement just the Katy Perry vocals thrown on top.

    The original “Big Dancing” is pure fire. Stick with that one.

  9. MIA

    mash up ya, but gotta give a little love to that champ sample too. i know katy perry (and most of the other tracks on this mix) are uber pop, almost painfully pop, but if all i did was school 100 katy perry fans on TOP BILLIN or THE MOHAWKS then i feel like i did something good.

  10. wtf?

    Baltimore Club – I Just Wanna Fuck (BMore Edit)

    After all those beers there is only one thing to do. FUCK. This track is less of a song and more of a bad ass acappella with a funky conga line drum beat that creeps in and out like a bad ex, “boy you in luck.”


    At least figure out what music you’re not paying for/digging for. It’s DJ Technics ft. Kotton. and its way more than an acappella with a drum beat. It’s the fucking best use of Brick ever, even better than the Akinyele.

  11. Dee'z Nuts

    It’s sets and people like Mia that prove the art of dj’ing has been ruined forever thanks to Serato. Sure Serato has changed the game in some good ways (not having to lug around crates of wax, being able to drop a remix/edit you just finished 5 mins before a set) but also has opened the door for anyone to call themselves a “dj” and “producer” That ‘Hypnotize’ remix is atrocious and the rest of set is the worst attempt of Diplo cock riding I have seen. Also stop being lazy and do some search. The og track is The Marvelettes – ‘Please Mr. Postman’ and the track you drop is DJ Technics – Mr Postman (No Need to add the ‘Bmore Remix/Edit’ bs)


    You’re pissed some GIRL is getting more attention than you are, why don’t you suck on DEEZ NUTS!!

  13. The Truth

    No one cares if it’s a purple elephant or a girl that made the mix – it sucks. Period. So you can put the “haters” term back in the toybox. Just because someone doesn’t like bullshit like this doesn’t make them a “hater”.

  14. Ezra

    For a remix of Notorious B.I.G. that sounds NASTY, try Ratatat’s “Party and Bullshit.” Now THAT is filthy nasty grime that would make me lose my shit every time. Your wasn’t awful for an “on the fly” kind of thing, but that was neither a mash-up (which would be excused b/c perfection is not necessarily the name of the game) nor a good remix (repetitive synth sound, a lack of real energy, etc).

    Protect your name by not releasing “meh” remixes. At the very least you could have used a little reverb or echo at the end of those biggie acapella lines you chopped to make it a little smoother.

    On the more downside, I would really not recommend that Dr. Hollywood “remix” or “cover” to anyone, it sounds AWFUL – lyrics, vocals, etc.
    “She kissed a girl and I liked it/You can tell by my sudden reaction”

    Lastly, I’m sure someone somewhere likes it (and I’ll never understand why), but the Hot N Cold remix? Those pianos were really out of key. I guess it’s a BMore thing, cause I’ve heard it done a few times, but it sounds so gross. The vocal chopping was entertaining, but the key clashes were just painful.

    On the upside, I’m glad you enjoy LMFAO, that’s some good stuff right there.

  15. mrsfini

    go to her website and enter your email.
    you get to dl it for free.
    I was so upset because I lost this mix and spent months looking for it.

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