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Mixin’ It Up: Night Trackin’

Sep 17 2010

We got a new Mixin’ It Up in store for you this lovely Friday.

“Brendon, Seb & Phil run the Night Trackin’ parties at the Velvet Speakeasy in Montreal. alongside DuVall. We reach for warm and fuzzy house vibes, yet try and keep people on their toes by playing all sides of the music we love and bringing guests that inspire us to do what we do. To name a bunch, we’ve had the pleasure of inviting The Juan MacLean, DJ Kaos, Kevin Saunderson, Azari & III, CFCF, Dam Funk, YACHT, Nacho Lovers, Hunee, Premier Rang, Jacques Renault, Hercules & Love Affair, Bottin, Linkwood, Floating Points, Martyn, Soul Clap, Jimmy Edgar, L-Vis 1990 to the party. 2010 was a good year, 2011 will be even better. Here’s an hour long taste of Night Trackin’, mixed live after a really long weekend and while a portuguese marching band paraded up and down our street (seriously). If you enjoy it, check out our weekly podcast featuring some similar sounds and guests.”

Night Trackin’ for Discobelle (mixed by Seb Diamond & Phil AD) (Mediafire)

1.Damu – Mermaid – Unreleased

Damu is a newcomer making ridiculously interesting dance music that, without wanting to fall into too many cliches, defies categorization.

2.Arto Mwambe – Une Seule Nuit (Mix De Danse) – Brontosaurus

Our good friends from Nacho Lovers turned us on to Arto Mwambe and, ever since, we check for everything they do. The bouncy sawtooth synth and vocal “woos” make this sound like the party’s going on in the song and not the club. We love it, and so does the crowd.

3.Ramadanman – Mir – White Label

We remember first hearing Ramadanman’s work a few years ago when dubstep was just making its way to North America and thinking “Yeah, this dude is one to check for”. Sure enough, his latest releases on Swamp81, Hessle Audio, AUS Records and this white label (the flipside Grab Somebody is absolutely nuts), confirm that he’s one of the most groundbreaking artists out there making some of the dumbest (in the best sense of the word) dance music.

4.Art Department (ft. Seth Troxler) – Vampire Night Club – Crosstown Rebels

Johnny White and Kenny Glasgow’srelease onCrosstown Rebels is some of the coolest Canadian dance music we’ve heard in a bit. “Straight gangster”.

5.Jacques Greene – Tell Me – Forthcoming LuckyMe

Jacques Greene is a young kid from here in Montreal that has been sending us mp3s for a few months now. This particular number will appear on his debut release in the Fall on the Glaswegian label LuckyMe. Dark and moody dance music that makes you feel like you just left the longest after party of your life. Full of great memories yet sort of lonely and beat.

6.Scope – Frequencies (Steve Bug Flying Faders Remix) – NRK Sound Division

Older Steve Bug remix we found kicking around that adds just enough “prog” without making it unbearable. The pads just felt right after the ridiculous lushness of the Jacques Greene.

7.El Txef A – She Kissed Me First (Holger Zilske Remix) – Hypercolour

This is the type of track we’ll refer to as a Night Trackin’ record. Heavy, Jackin, with tasteful vocals and piano. A great mix of the old and the new, heavy and light.

8.Azari & III – Indigo – Forthcoming Turbo Recordings

Azari were some of the first guests we brought to our Night Trackin’ parties and they properly blew our minds after playing one of their first live sets as a group. The upcoming turbo release compounds a bunch of our favourite sides of their multi-faceted sound, dark, brooding, industrial, yet beautiful and uplifting. Cedric really comes through on the vocals.

9.Actress – Ivy May Gilpin – Werk Discs

Actress makes strange music. That’s probably why we like him so much. This track of his Hazyville full length starts in a quite bleak and ominous way, but soon enough the clouds part and you’re left quite a groovy and beautiful piece of music.

10.The Gathering – In My System (Chris Carrier Tex Mix) – Gathering

We heard this record during the amazing Floating Points & Kyle Hall tag team set on Rinse.fm after Sam jokingly regretted “always sharing the best ones”. The amazing chords and stripped down feel to this one really outshine the rest of the 12″ and it never fails to get a rise out of the crowd. Jef K & Chris Carrier are also doing some great things after a relatively long hiatus.

11.Jimpster – The Sleeper – Freerange Records

Even if you don’t really check for certain labels or artists, every once in a while a record will jump out at you with its brilliance and vibe. The Sleeper is an unexpected track for Jimpster. This acidic joint bangs hard, but keeps it sexy and smooth.

12. Machinedrum – DDD – Unreleased

Machinedrum is simply one our favourite producers out there. The man is a fountain of talent and everything he touches turns to gold. We’ve had the pleasure to play with him a handful of times over the years and he just keeps getting better. Besides his new EP “Many Faces” on LuckyMe, a bunch of amazing production for rappers and singers, an upcoming Broadway musical (no joke), he’s been flooding us with a wealth of amazing songs such as this one. The simple sine line is so infectious.

13. Mood II Swing – Move Me – Music For Your Ears

Masters of their games and authors of many dance classics, Mood II Swing are a personal favourite who will always manage to find their way in the crate and in the club. This track has an insane groove and the best synth / snares ever. Sometimes it’s hard finding records from this era of house music that have stood the test of time and still seem in good taste. We might even venture to say this record sounds better now than ever.

14. Kode9 (ft. The Spaceape) – You Don’t Wash (Martyn’s Scrub) – !K7 Records

We just had Martyn play our party this weekend (incidentally it was one of the best sets we’ve ever heard in that club) and when he dropped his remix for Kode9’s amazing new release on !K7, people lost their minds. Martyn has an amazing knack for making funky that is completely uninhibited, but extremely tasteful at the same time. Truly one of the best producers, phenomenal DJs and all around great man out their right now, hats off!

15. Braiden – The Alps – Forthcoming Doldrums

Neither of us can play this without head banging. This song has been on constant rotation on UK radio for good reason, and will soon come out on Joy Orbison’s label Doldrums. Indescribablly genre-defying, dark & beautiful dance music, The Alps has quite possibly the coolest percussion line and vocal samples we’ve hear in a long while. If you happen to be one of the best radio DJs in the UK, and you’re first record happens to be incredible, chances are this record is going to be a modern classic.

16. Roska & Untold – Myth – Forthcoming Numbers

Forthcoming Numbers, which incidentally is one our favourite labels out their, that combines two of the great young producers to emerge from the “funky” and “dubstep” scenes. Slamming drums, great synth line, and just over all super driving. This song can simple be described as “really fun” and “completely retarded”.

17. Larry Heard – The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version) – Alleviated Records

A fantastic melancholic house record. An acidic love song for dance floor romance and beyond. A lovely end to any night (or morning).

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