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Monthly Archives: August 2011

L.A producer Samo Sound Boy released his new “Shuffle Code” EP on NYC label Trouble & Bass yesterday. British producer and Hyperdub/Hum + Buzz representative Ikonika hands us a remix of the 8-bit sounding title track that sounds more like something that’s played at the complete opposite of the swagged out, sun- and percussiondrenched Californian happenings where we imagine that Samo and his crew hang out, this is on that dark and twisted tip. The arpeggio synths that start off the track soon give way to a pulverizing beat that along with an evil vocal sample is probably best enjoyed in a dark and small basement club where the ceiling drips with condensed sweat amassed by a packed audience.

Samo Sound Boy – Shuffle Code (Ikonika remix) (ge.tt)

I just stood in the rain at an intersection, gulping down free food and booze while listening to gospelcountry done up Swedish style (meaning more alcoholinfused). It was great but not as great as this perfect new blissed out mixtape “A Dream Within A Dream” that Swedish duo Korallreven did for Acéphale Records, where they – in the space of about 25 minutes – go from edits of Ciara via Velvet Underground to Oni Ayhun.

Korallreven – A Dream Within A Dream (Sendspace)

BONUS: Grab all the individuals tracks over at the Acéphale website.

Marcus Price should be considered the bass king of Sweden, and he states his place with this remix of Swedish rapper Lazee. “Tag” pops off at break-neck pace with a juke beat, synths that zip by in the background and vocals that urge you to “throw your hands up” which you’d be a fool not to follow.


Kingthing is a new aquaintance for us in Discobelle, his cheekily titled single track “Annie’s Mac” (off the “Cassini” EP released on Freshmore) receives a reworking from US producer Cedaa that incorporates Texas rapper Mike Jones and his “Still Tippin” joint spliced with a shuffling, funky and garagelike beat. Mike Jones never sounded so British…

Kingthing-Annie’s Mac (Cedaa’s Still Tippin’ Edit)-FREE DOWNLOAD by Freshmore/Formant

German producer Malente just put out a 10 Year Anniversary Edition of his first album, remastered and it contains twice as many tracks as there was on the original release back in 2000. Strictly original material from around that time was used for this special edition, no new remixes were made.

This time everybody out there has the chance to lay their hands on some classic Malente tracks. Mainly it’s just for the fun of it, but hand in your results to REMIX@malente.dj by October 15th and maybe your remix will be on a special remix EP. Malente headquaters will also send you some goodies, flowers or a thank you letter. At the same time you’re more than welcome to put your remix on your Soundcloud, your blog etc.

So just chose a Malente track you wanna remix:

“I Sell Marihuana”
remix files (Zippyshare)
edit (Mediafire)

“If I Was You”
remix files (Zippyshare)
edit (Mediafire)

“Mash Up The Town”
remix files (Zippyshare)
edit (Mediafire)

And don’t forget to pick up “Malente – The Spirit Of Malente 10 Year Anniversary Edition” (iTunes, Juno)