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Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Scuba track from third album “Personality” on March 6th. Sounds kind of like a back alley chase through a dystopian London of the future soundtracked by a bipolar guy with a xylophone. That’s meant to be a compliment, as obtuse as it may sound.

Also: After Scuba let off some anti-feminist opinions on twitter, The Quietus was prompted to write this very worthwhile article about the lingering misogyny present in dance music. Give it a read and add your thoughts to the discussion.

Scuba – Flash Addict

New heat off Mike B’s forthcoming Scion A/V compilation, “Los Angeles: Tite At Nite” which should be dropping later on today. Listening to “Ensenada Nights” off the EP from newcomer Evan Stalker is reminiscent of cruising down the sunset strip with a trunk full of Four Loko.

Get it below, and look out for the full compilation later on today, featuring an eagerly anticipated DJ Dodger Stadium track, “Late Nite Respek”.