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Mixin’ It Up: Astronomar

Apr 8 2012

Happy Easter from all of us at Discobelle. Here’s the return of our much loved Mixin’ It Up series, get ready for Seattle’s very own Astronomar.

“First off I would like to thank Discobelle for the privilege of adding to their deep dug and
adventurous Mixin’ It Up series!

Grab a pack of smokes, a six pack, a bag of… something; whatever you need for the next 50 minutes and let’s party:

Tom Trago – Steppin’ Out (feat. Romanthony)
Love this tune! Perfect “on the way to the club” vibes, but also sick in the club.

Jurassic FightClub – Origins
Welcome to the jungle! If you listen closely, you can hear Biggie Smalls welcoming you.

Grandtheft & U-Tern – Feel Good
Stellar reinvention of a classic feel good number.

Astronomar – Had To Move On (secret remix)
Secret remix of my first release by a legend who wishes to remain anonymous; respect! Grab the original & the Hijack remix on Neoteric’s Turned On Vol.2 from Discobelle!

Swick & Tranter – Mad Dings
This one is a No Brainer, it bangs! Shout out to my dude Swick.

Keith & Supabeatz vs Slap In The Bass – Exhale
Another No Brainer; big up K&S and SITB for the PSA on the dangers of smoking… got a light?

Milt Mortez – Pluto (John Roman remix)
A heavy handed yet very tasteful remix of one of my favorite tunes off Neo’s Turned On Vol. 1.

NT89 – Voices
This song speaks to me.

Kobra Kai – Sambishta (Astronomar remix)
Remix I did for the Italian bros Kobra Kai, will be out on their imprint Deepsession soon!

Moon Chon Chayoh – Zombie Disco Squad Remix
So drawn in to the “one” vocal stab in this song, sounds like an old scratch sample from battle records.

DJ Trajic – Pants R Saggin (Del Ghetto Mix 2009)
Latin flavored Hard House sampling Busta’s famous lines from Tribe’s “Scenario”? Pretty much everything I need from music right here.

Kingston Hume – Pines
I think this guy lives in the woods.

Disco of Doom – Shake And Bake (Astronomar Remix)
My remix for Disco Of Doom, thanks for reaching out fellas!

DJ Trajic – The DJ
More Trajic! Again, everything I could ever need is in this track.

Astronomar – Hacksaw
Original unreleased track thawed out especially for this mix.

Saur – Angry Duck
Migrating to a club near you.

Astronomar – Wanna Do What
New track from my EP for Top Billin, look out for it!

Astronomar – Had To Move On
My first single! Big shout to Neoteric for including it in Turned On Vol.2 and thanks to
Discobelle for putting it out! Unchained gratitude my dudes!

????? – ?????
More info soon!

Kimba – John Davis
Wanted to end this mix on a groovy uplifting note; this jam from Kimba was a solid vote

Thanks for checking out my mix! Had a lot of fun making it and was an honor to do one for Discobelle!”