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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Safari Sound giving us a chance to hear how massive their live sets are, enjoy!

“Recently lots of people have asked for live recordings from Safari dances. We have to admit that recording dances is not something we have prioritized during the years, but this will change in the future!

We gonna start with giving you this audio from one of the wickedest parties we played at this summer. The club is called Colors and it is Swedens baddest party concept, argument dun! Safari Sound was honored to be the first dancehall act at this club as they book DJ´s and live acts who represent all kind of genres. So we gotta give a shout out to or good friend DJ Dainja who is the brain and muscle behind Colors, a special big up to Red Fox who was headlining this event and delivered one wicked live performance and last but not least big up the Gothenbourg massive who always gives nuff energy and love.

Here goes nearly one hour of hardcore jugglin with mainly new dancehall, spiced up with some classics and dubs. DJ Shirkhan on the turntables and Sammy K on the mic

A video summary from the party:

Colors x Red from Hello Family on Vimeo.

This remix by Belgian producer and Pelican Fly foudning member Richelle was originally commissioned by the Rick Owens house as a remix of the Michele Lamy and Matthew Stone track “How Do You Feel” but Richelle’s remix eventually turned into a 15 minutes anthemic, evil sounding remix of his own “I Think” track with the original vocal track from Michele Lamy and Matthew Stone’s “How Do You Feel” replacing the original Diamond vocal. This version was finally used in the actual Rick Owens Mens 2013 MS Show, along with a special surprise at the end, the remix will be out soon on a limited edition vinyl-only compilation of remixes.

Grab the runway edit of the synth- and low end bassinfused track over here.

Watch the video of the Rick Owens Mens 2013 MS Show “Island” below:

Originally from Dublin, formerly based in Berlin but now relocated to San Francisco, the very talented producer/dj Wool (AKA Glen Brady) has returned to NYC label Plant Music with a three track EP of superb acid house tracks entitled “Purple Ohm” (released today).

Wool made all three cuts in his Northern Californian studio using modular synths, a Roland 202 and other outboard gear that did NOT include a computer and the three perfectly crafted tracks are all filled with rippling acid synthlines and sleek bass sounds.

PS. Be on the lookout for his “Rock Opera EP” coming October 15th on Discobelle Records.