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Powerhouse singer Inaya Day has teamed up with producer Lee Dagger on a new track called “Shelter Me” after a chance meeting on a dance floor at ADE in 2013. After the festival, the two hit the studio in London and wrote the track.

Today we’re happy to premiere UK producer Fridholm’s remix of the track, a melodic house tune with Inaya’s looping vocals giving the track a consist jolt of energy throughout.


This new release from Justin Faust and Discotexas has had me groovin’ all weekend. If you missed my coverage of the original mix, peep it here.

This time, I wax poetic on the tasty remix from NTEIBINT, who pitches the tempo down to slinkier territories with his low slung version. Italo stylings and a half-time, chordal breakdown soundtrack visions of a dancing Spacer Woman and her Capricorn Man, locked in a cosmic embrace of Cybernetic Love.

If you like synthy shit, DIG THIS!



NYC production duo Housing Corp gives us some 80s fever with their new original mix “Vague,” a play on “Vogue” by Madonna. The duo only meant to sample the piano riff of Madonna’s iconic track, but got a little carried away and ended up using more of the vocals and percussion and we don’t blame them because the end result is disco dance magic.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.50.04 AM

Chicago-based producer BeazyTymes really slows things down for us in his latest remix of Henry Green’s “A Better Place.” This remix isn’t what we’ve come to expect from BeazyTymes, showing that we need to throw aside all expectations and let ourselves be pleasantly surprised. Deep and spacious, BeazyTymes’ flip of “A Better Place” is music we’d like to chill out getting acupuncture too – seriously listening to this is SO RELAXING. Stream it below.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.37.16 AM

Glasgow-born house producer Darius first caught our attention earlier this year with the smoldering track “Hot Hands,” which to date counts over 2 million plays. It’s not hard to see why – the track’s even pulse and subtle synthetic drum beat is effortlessly cool with the vocals coming in with the melodic hooks. Well now he’s teamed up with Vancouver’s DiRTY RADiO to create yet another unbelievably catchy house hit with “Illegal.” Clear your schedule and be prepared to have this track on repeat all day.


Alghero, Sardegna might not exactly be the dance music epicentre of the world but that’s where Elisa Bee grew up before moving to Milan and becoming one of the top dj’s in italy and Europe when it comes to basscentered, futuristic sounding club music.

Her exclusive mix for us in Discobelle is no exception and takes us on a ride from Sam Tibas French twist of nouveau R&B via among others Duke Dumont, Bot & Wafa, Hervé & Zebra Katz to land in the shimmering, leftfield sound of Sophie.

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