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Motez has been on my short-list for the year with his fantastic work and steady stream of quality jams. From his releases on Food Music, Ultra and Sweat It Out… I always get giddy when new promos find their way to my inbox from this exceptional producer.

His latest single for Sweat It Out, ‘Own Up,’ has been keeping heavy rotation in my sets but it might just have to share the lime-light with this thumping remix from newcomers, POOLCLVB. Their stunning version dials back the 2-step Garage flair of the original and builds up a foundation of M1 Basslines and stabby pianos for the soulful vocal hooks to float upon. Pure class on this one.

Show the boys from POOLCLVB some love, they’re offering the tune for free!!

Weekend playlist: Engage!

With A Twist Vol 1 (Final)

Denver based imprint, Handshakes Records have assembled an impressive cast of characters for their latest release and first long player, ‘With A Twist Vol.1.’ Helmed by Rob Halgren, aka Funk Hunk, this collection of edits, reworks and remixes demonstrates a keen ear for subterranean Disco faire and a sharp sense of A&R… kudos to you, Mr. Halgren!

Buy the compilation here.