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Montreal based rapper Maky Lavender made a dance battle track called “Pull Up In A Cloud”, out now via Ghost Club Records.

“yo. for some reason there’s barely any dance battle songs anymore. mosts songs are kinda dark haha. ah well i used dance all the time, do cyphers at parties and go off. lets bring back those memories”

Swedish artist Vinter receives a helping hand from producer Filip Hunter for new single “Isbitar”, the track is a marvelous piece of sweeping and dreamy rap.

“At the time I wrote ‘Paths’ I felt like I was receiving a message that was so much bigger than me & what I’d come to learn about life & the universe. The process of writing it helped me break it down. The lyric ‘die before you die’ is about acknowledging each & every moment and ‘cry before you cry’ is about not being afraid of heartbreak. In the end the message is simple: this very moment is all we have to live for. The video follows what I like to call The Wonder Warriors. 5 genderless Gods embodying each of the elements.” – MIKEY