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DJ Nibc is an old friend of us here at Discobelle, the Gothenburg based producer/dj relocated to Berlin from where he runs the succesful label Trunkfunk Records. His latest release “Spiders Spins” came out a few weeks ago and is a shimmering sunfilled house track.

Abe Twombly is the new moniker of Mel from Swiss house dons Mercury, his remix of “Spiders Spins” ejects the track into a space dominated by summer piano house complete with a stuttering rhythm and pulsating bass.

DJ Nibc – Spiders Spins (Abe Twombly remix) (Soundcloud download link)

Mel from Swiss house duo Mercury with a super nice Christmas mix and here’s to a Merry Christmas from all of us at Discobelle to all of ye faithful readers.

“If you like Christmas as much as I do, you’ll probably enjoy this 50 minutes of carols. From The Mills Brothers to The Stanley Brothers, everything that keep’s you bouncing under the Christmas tree.

Happy Hanukkah”

Monday in november again and we all know the dread that’s associated with that, it’s an amazing thing that Swiss duo Mercury are here to save our souls with a shimmering techhousey mix solely dedicated to making us survive the long, cold winter and to emerge like Punxsatawney Phil in the spring for some much needed sun and warmth.