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The original version of the track “Feel Me” (to be released tomorrow Friday September 21st via Belgian label Eskimo Recordings) from Paris based producer Simon Says is a sleazed up monster of a new wave/pop track (a cover of British synthpop band Blancmange and their 1982 album track), fellow French producer/dj Yuksek ups the the disco elements and the cosmic synth stabs to make it lift off into deep space.

The man, the myth, the legend known as Teki Latex should be well known to everyone who’s into forward thinking club music. Since his involvement with acclaimed French rap group TTC, he’s emerged as one of the most prolific dj’s/producers out of Paris.

A while back he turned his focus to dj’ing with the purpose of giving every mixtape the same attention that a recording artist would give to an EP/album and hoping that people treat them, listen to them and react to them the same way as they would an album. His recent, mind-bending and boundary pushing “King Of Blends” mixtape trilogy focused on giving iconic pop tracks and classic underground tunes a new context by layering them with more modern and obscure tracks. The mixtape trilogy was lauded with praise.

His absolutely fantastic new mixtape “The Tardigrade’s Lament” is a simpler affair that doesn’t deal with a specific concept or being filled with spectacular blends but instead it’s designed to reflect the vibe of his recent dj sets and also the general melancholic vibe of the last days of summer ie “just a good mixtape to close your eyes and travel mentally to”.

“The tardigrade is a micro-animal found everywhere, from mountain tops to deep sea, from tropical rainforests to the Antartic. It is able to survive extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation. It can have sex in outer space. Under unfavourable conditions, it goes into a state of suspended animation in which it can survive for years or even decades, making the tardigrade virtually immortal. I’m not trying to say « I am like a tardigrade » or « this mixtape is a tardigrade », i’m just saying, tardigrades are really cool.”

Interesting new single from Mod Sun is out now on Bella Thorne‘s Filthy Fangs imprint. “Burning Up” blends and distorts genre boundaries, showcasing the wild creativity that encompasses Mod Sun whose entrepreneurial spirit seems to know no bounds. Catch Mod Sun on his forthcoming Burning Up tour. Full dates and tickets can be found here.

This song came out of me like vomit. I’m not at all glorifying the idea of making songs fast….the process is important. BUT, I am extremely adamant about letting the song take me places instead of forcing it to go somewhere with me. “Burning Up” is a perfect example of just that. The vocals + lyrics came out at the same time + Within 10 minutes the entirety of that song was created + ended. I love that feeling. Music is magic + u can’t tame magic.” – Mod Sun

On September 24th legendary German house DJ/producer Sharam Jey is set to release his highly anticipated third album, “Invisible” (via his very own Bunny Tiger imprint) which is comprised of 14 stellar sounding, melodic and synth-driven tracks boasting contributions from the likes of Little Boots, Dirty Vegas, KLP, Kat, Dacia Bridges and Ashibah.

We at Discobelle are extremely excited to premiere the track “Fridaycity” which features vocal offerings from British artist Little Boots, the track is the second single to be taken from the album and will be released on September 17th. On it, we get spaced out and sweeping synths, crashing pads, handclaps and hypnotizing vocals that combined makes this an all out dance jam.

We’ll just let Mike do the talking…

“About a year ago i remixed the band Nocturnal Habits, from Washington. Its my friend Justin Trosper’s band. You may not know Nocturnal Habits, but you probably know his other band, Unwound. I released a few Unwound records back in the early 90s on my old label Troubleman. As a matter of fact the Unwound 7″ was Troubleman’s first ever release back in 1993 – not a bad way to start a label, if you ask me. Anyway, about 2 years ago we got together when he was in NYC, went to see Brooks at Superiority Burger , ate a ton of food, and caught up on almost 15 years worth of life. We spoke about his new band, and i offered to remix it before even hearing it. (Justin was always ahead of the game. His other band from the 1990s, Replikants, sounds current almost 20 years later.) We both had no idea what to do with the song when it was finished. Maybe release it on a tape? I didnt care – I just wanted to do it. I wouldnt be where i am if it werent for Unwound. They were a huge inspiration, and a springboard for my “career” in “music”… I chose this song because it reminded me of where Unwound left off, right around Leaves Turn Inside You. I made this remix almost a year ago to the day. Ive been told this is the darkest/most melancholy song ive ever written (and that is saying a lot)… If anything, it is “My 9-11 song”, even though it was written 17 years later. At the end of the remix, I faded out all of my parts, and just let Justin’s strings go alone. You can hear echoes of “Leaves” in there… Even today, hearing this remix takes me back to Sept 2001.

On Sept 13, 2001 Unwound played Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ. Two days earlier, the World Trade Center was attacked right across the river from Maxwells. I watched the second tower fall from the same waterfront just two days earlier. I remember Justin calling me from Boston the next day and saying “we decided to continue the tour”. After soundcheck, me, Vern and i think David (?) walked to the water to watch the recovery efforts from across the Hudson River. We drank beers that we smuggled out of Maxwells, and sat there, and didnt talk much. The band wasnt getting along. Vern wanted to go home to his new baby daughter, and the fact that it was 2 days after 9/11 did not help. It was a fucked up time.

The Maxwells gig 17 years ago was one of the most memorable musical experiences of my life. The sold out show was half full. People were crying and hugging each other… Everything changed forever. We went to Maxwells out of denial and defiance- to try to hold on to something that was ours, because it seemed like everything was ripped from us. Its hard to put those emotions into words. The city was quiet, the air still smelled weird, people were shuffling around in a haze. But Unwound did what they do- they played a show. It would be the last time I would see Unwound live, or the three of them together.”Mike Simonetti

Eduardo De La Calle’s single track “The Stand” (that also features the vocals of Joolz) was originally released via Take Away in 2017 but now the track receives a remix treatment from UNER, Marvin & Guy, KMLN, Soulfeed and ORBE.

We here at Discobelle can offer our readers the premiere of the remix from Spanish producer/dj UNER who has stayed true to the original’s stripped back groove, but lifts the mood with his own melody and addictive percussion.